Easy File Server - Share large files and exchange messages with others securely and easily

Easy File Server is a secure file sharing web server that allows visitors to upload/download files easily through any web browser(Chrome/Edge/Safari/FireFox and mobile browser).

Key Features:
  • Easy Setup: no installation and just run it on your PC/Server without any additional software or services and you can share files with friends immediately. it provides a user-friendly interface that makes setting up your private file sharing site a breeze. No technical expertise required!
  • Fast I/O Architecture: The web server has an event-driven non-blocking asynchronous I/O architecture, which supports a lot of concurrent connections.
  • Secure Private Forums and File Server: Safeguard your conversations and information by hosting a private forum server exclusively. You have complete control over user access and can ensure the confidentiality of your discussions. The server also supports OpenSSL TLS 1.2 & 1.3, which provides strong encrypted communication between web browser and server.
  • Unlimited File Size: It supports unlimited size file download/upload(more than 4 GB), and user can create/delete file/folder remotely.
  • Customization Options: It supports dynamic server-side scripting language Silk, which allows you to customize your own file sharing web site in any way you need.
  • Built-in Bulletin Board System: The built-in bulletin board system (BBS,Forum) will help you stay in touch with a group of friends.
  • Rich Posting Options: Users can create new discussion topics, post replies, and engage in meaningful conversations with ease. Whether it's text-based discussions or file sharing, Easy File Server supports a wide range of content types.
  • File Sharing and Management: Enhance collaboration by enabling remote users to share files/photos directly within the forum. Upload, download, and organize files effortlessly for seamless information exchange.
  • User Management: Maintain complete control over your forum by managing user accounts, permissions. Assign administrators, regular users to ensure smooth operation and content moderation.
  • Multi-platform Access: Easy File Server allows remote users to access the forum system from any device with an internet connection, enabling seamless communication and participation.
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