Easy File Server - Share large files and exchange messages with others securely and easily

Easy File Server is a secure file sharing web server that allows visitors to upload/download files easily through any web browser(Chrome/Edge/Safari/FireFox and mobile browser).

  • It's easy to use, no installation and just run it on your PC/Server without any additional software or services and you can share files with friends immediately.
  • It's fast, the web server has an event-driven non-blocking asynchronous I/O architecture, which supports a lot of download/upload connections.
  • It's secure, the HTTPS server supports OpenSSL TLS 1.2 & 1.3, which provides strong encrypted communication between web browser and server.
  • It supports unlimited size file download/upload(more than 4 GB), and user can create/delete file/folder remotely.
  • It supports dynamic server-side scripting language Silk, which allows you to customize your own file sharing web site in any way you need.
  • It contains a built-in bulletin board system (BBS,Forum) which helps you stay in touch with a group of friends.
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